Adult Ministries

The adult ministry exists to draw us together as Kingdom builders in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our community, and our church. We strive to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ through prayer, studying His word, fellowship and service.  


Word Walk: The Word Walk mid-week ministry is the small group experience where we walk the pages of the Word in a given book of the Bible, or entire books such as reading the whole New Testament.  This Word Walk goes from January to May, Wednesday nights at 7pm and you can join a group anytime!


LifeGroups: We know people want to connect and learn, which is why we created LifeGroups!  Relevant Bible topics are offered, you join a small group that interests you and then spend time getting to know people while learning God's Word!  LifeGroups run from September through December, Wednesdays at 7pm.


50&Up: This group loves to help folks deepen their relationship with God and fellowship with one another for support and encouragement. The activities  throughout the year will give an opportunity to spend time with new and old friends and to invite others who may be looking for encouragement.  All events are fellowship, food and fun! 


Men's Ministry: This group for men meets on the first Tuesday of each month from September through May at the church from 7-8pm. This ministry's goal is to reach, teach, encourage and challenge men to be the spiritually strong leaders that God expects us to be in our homes, in our communities and in our church.


Women's MinistryOur GIFTED Ladies ministry is where we connect women together for the main purpose of spiritual growth, fellowship within the church family, and outreach to our community. We meet together regularly but function in several different capacities on a daily basis. GIFTED Ladies serves as a parent to several ministries, maximizing our opportunities for involvement. This women’s ministry is unique as it includes all women ages 18 to 80+, making us a multigenerational ministry! Our goal is to use every gift and learned talent that God has blessed us with for His glory and for the benefit of our church family and community. It’s our greatest pleasure to serve alongside each other.