Welcome to the OSBC YOUTH!
Leading youth into a genuine and growing relationship with Jesus…

As spiritual caregivers we see ourselves as members of your team in the spiritual formation of your teenager. As a Youth Department we seek to create environments that encourage spiritual responsibility, spiritual friendships, and spiritual practice.

We know that today’s youth face real issues and have real needs. That’s why our youth ministry meets teens where they are with real answers from God’s Word. Our lively and energetic youth leaders challenge students to get involved in everything from summer camp to retreats to service projects. We offer teens the chance to get real in their relationship with Christ, while finding a network of support for their high school years.

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Sunday morning from 10-10:45am, students meet in the Junior Varsity (7th-9th) and Senior Varsity (10th-12th) rooms located off of the Fellowship Hall. Students are challenged straight from God’s Word in a setting that prepares them for Sunday Morning Worship. The teaching in this time is dynamic, relevant and engaging.


They know the basics. They know the facts. Now it’s time for them to THRIVE.

By definition, “thrive” means to grow vigorously, to progress, to develop — and that is exactly what we desire for our teens. Seventh through 12th graders are

at a pivotal time in their relationship with Christ. Our desire is to press them

with truth that is not watered down but enriches their spiritual growth, setting them up for a lifetime journey with Christ. We want them to understand Christ’s love and actually feel it and see it in their own lives, thus making their relationship with God real and personal to them.

During THRIVE, your teen will be challenged with God’s Word and submerged in discussion relevant to topics of our generation. Get your teen out to this mid-week class starting at 7pm, and watch your teen’s relationship with Christ grow vigorously and their faith start to move forward in a journey with Christ. Seventh through 9th graders are led by Chris and Jen Knowles and the 10th through 12th graders are led by Jared and Amanda Matteson. These leaders are intentional with a sole purpose of leading every interaction, discussion, and relationship back to the love of Christ.