Check out the many adult Sunday School ministries that we offer below! These ministries are rooted in the Bible and are relationally driven. These groups meet on Sunday morning from 10am-10:45am.

SHIPMATES – Young Couples/Parents

Shipmates is designed for young married couples with a combined age of 75 years. This thriving ministry recognizes the needs and questions facing young married couples today and offers practical, Biblical solutions to real-life questions. With God’s Word as the foundation for raising our families, we can better understand the trials that we face daily. Couples can enjoy a non-threatening informal environment and a time of interaction with other couples facing similar struggles.

This class has helped couples contend with everyday battles that we all face sooner or later, obstacles like anger, guilt, depression, or fear and how to have the “victory”. We also recognize the need for Christian fellowship and encourage new couples to join us. Some of our most recent fellowships have included: Fellowship at the Lake, Family Apple Picking & Hay Ride, Wiener Roast in late October, Christmas Caroling at a Nursing Home, “Servant’s Heart Fellowship” encouraging others with home baked goods, and a very special romantic night for our couples at “Café Amore”. Most fellowships are designed for family enrichment while some are service oriented as a time to minister to others.


If you are trying to find balance in this upside down world, juggling schedules, and struggling with the everyday pressures of trying to raise children, then you need the support of others in the same phase of life. There is strength in numbers, and having a band of parents who are facing the same issues makes the journey easier.
The keys to strong, effective parenting are the right relationship with God, and a good understanding and practical use of the Bible. These are the best resources available to equip you with the goals, strategy and confidence to build the foundation and walls to form your children’s lives.
You are eligible for this class if you still have children at home and you and your spouse’s age combined are over 75 years.

BEACONS – Empty Nesters

When does life really begin? When the children are gone and the grandchildren begin! This is a fellowship for parents who have “theoretically” launched their children out on their own.
There’s more to life than making a living. Careers are temporary, but life is precious, so we concentrate on helping you get more out of life by deepening your relationship with God, building relationships with fellow believers and strengthening your spirit. Life is a process, and the strategy for optimizing the journey of life in the right relationship to God and an understanding of Christ’s teachings.
Freedom, lots of freedom, is the benefit of this age bracket. Empty nesters have been liberated from the constraints of small children, the frenzied schedules of teenagers and many times financial bondage, (from a paid mortgage). This is an excellent time to volunteer your talents for mentoring younger parents.
(Beacons and Anchors do not meet in a class on Sunday morning but join the Flagship or Ladies group.)

ANCHORS – Seniors

Does life ever slow down? Not at OSBC! Our Senior’s Fellowship knows that the fun really begins after age sixty! The monthly activity acts only as the launching pad for special friendships that flourish beyond church events and services. Our seniors do more than potluck dinners – they bowl, play miniature golf, go to the theatre and have game nights like no other (though eating is definitely a mastered activity!).

A meaningful time in the Word, as it relates to the lives and issues of our seniors, is encouragement that there is no sweeter time in life than now to be a part of a family who love the Lord and love each other.
(Beacons and Anchors do not meet in a class on Sunday morning but join the Flagship or Ladies group.)


Where can a woman go to refresh her heart and mind? The Ladies’ Bible Class…it’s designed with you in mind. We understand that nothing will replenish your heart like the Word of God and fellowship with other women. A career, busy schedule, children, housework, husbands, menus…the demands are enormous for the twenty-first century woman. This class is open to all females, young or old. You will meet ladies who share many of the same joys and pains you experience…but more importantly you will meet the Lord in a place that feeds the deepest need of women.


This class is open to all! Whether you’re young or old, married, divorced, a single parent or widow, you are welcome to this class.
Join this class and walk through the Scriptures with a long time Bible teacher who will provide you with life-changing teachings and a Biblical framework to live a satisfying and God-glorifying life.